Integration with ZScaler


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Is there an integration in place for ZScaler?

(Jay Chiarella) #2

Hi Alex,

You can view a list of our native integrations in our integration page - but unfortunately ZScaler is not one of them.

PagerDuty can still create incidents from ZScaler if it can send:

  • Emails, where you can set up a PagerDuty email integration to trigger incidents from Zscaler
  • HTTP POST api request, where you can set up a PagerDuty Events API to trigger incidents based on the payload. Note that our Events API requires that the payload matches their expected body parameters, so if you’d like to trigger a PagerDuty incident based on an arbitrary payload, then you can leverage the Custom Event Transformer integration to parse the arbitrary payload to create PagerDuty incidents.

Let me know if you have questions about the above.


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