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Hello everyone. I have a metric on Stackdriver, which filter my application logs. When a log pass by this filter, i want to send this logs by email, to fast act on this.
I have a policy in Stackdriver, with the metric and the label(which contains the informaton that i need) in the policy condition, and Pagerduty in the notification channels. When some logs passed by the filter, i received an notification, but i received emails with defaults title and body, not distinguing by label’s metric.
Can i modify this email sent by Pagerduty? I want put these logs in emails. Is there any way?

(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Matheus,

Our Email Notifications aren’t configurable at this time and will always have the same format which you can see in our Knowledge Base section linked below:

Email Notification Content and Behavior

Since there isn’t a way to control these email notification’s format to have them better communicate the particular metric of interest, I’d like to add that we have submitted feature requests for this behavior to be considered by our Product Team. This inquiry can act as a vote for that request.

With our current functionality, it would be required to navigate to the Incident’s page in the mobile app or in the UI to see any other details included in the email which may not be displayed by the notification.

- Malcolm

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