Integrating Icinga2 with Global Event Routing


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I am testing using event rules to filter unwanted incidents.

I configured my Icinga2 monitoring system to send PagerDuty alerts using a Global Event Routing key. In PagerDuty, I have configured a set of Event Rules to filtering unwanted events and forward the rest to an Icinga2 service where I have created escalation policies. I am using the default integration script supplied in PagerDuty’s integration guide. This Perl script is using the /events v1 API.

The expected behaviour is that the Event Rule forward the entire payload to the Icinga2 service. Instead, it logs an event like the one below and creates an alert with a generic description “Incident routed via Event Rule Engine”. The incidents generated from the alert is also generic and uninformative.

{ "event_storage_id": "", "ere_account_id": "" }

Additionally, the Icinga2 service does not resolve incidents when Icinga2 sends an “resolve” event.

Everything works fine if I use a service_key rather than global_key however the documentation claims that the event v1 endpoint is still supported for Event Rules.

I am not getting anywhere with support. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

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I wanted to confirm with you that I’ve submitted a bug request to review why the Icinga2 events are not providing the full details needed in the Global Events Routing compared to the service-level so you can continue to update your event routing of Icinga2 events.

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Thank you Geeth.

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