Integrate on-call schedule in my (Gmail) calendar

I want to add a calendar to my Gmail that shows when I’m on call. Even better, I’d like to also have a calendar (still in Gmail) that shows the entire on-call roster. This would help greatly towards having a better user experience. So, I thought that PagerDuty might provide an iCal link that I could paste into Gmail (or any other calendaring solution, naturally).

I searched the community forum and found a post about PDcal Make a public, embeddable calendar view of an on-call schedule that looks like it might address the problem. There were comments there that reflected exactly one of the main problems I’ve encountered when doing it by hand, which is the entire-day-or-not problem. Cool, looks good.

However the link given (github com PagerDuty addons, sorry because I cannot put more than two links in a post even though I’m authenticated as a PagerDuty client…) is dead, and searching for “cal” or “pdcal” on does not return any results.

Is there any recommended solution?


Hi Lorens!

Aside from using the PDCal add-on, there is also the option to export the webcal/ical feed from the schedule itself within the PagerDuty web app. You can read more on this here.

The links in that community post no longer work as the PagerDuty team chose to make that repository private for the time being. However, I followed up with the creator and he let me know that you can still access this particular add-on in a public fork on his github.

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