Incident Priority by Team


(Scott Schwartz) #1

I realize that Incident Priority is a relatively new feature for PagerDuty and there are likely several enhancements that will be made to it over time. Just in case this hasn’t been considered, it would be nice to allow different teams to establish their own prioritization scheme. Currently, it appears that incident priorities are set for the PD account. However, a single PD account could be setup with multiple teams, and different teams may have different perceptions of incident priority. Maybe at a high level a global prioritization scale is created, but individual team can customize the global setting to their needs.

(Paul) #2

Hi Scott,

You’re correct that incident priority is at the account level, so it would be the same across all teams on your subdomain.

This is an interesting idea, and I can see how it could be useful if you have a lot of teams with different workflows and expectations. If you have more details about your use case, we would be interested to hear them so we can pass this on to our product team as a feature request. If your use case includes sensitive information, you can email us instead at .

(Scott Schwartz) #3

Hi Paul,

My business unit has several different teams. Some teams are working on critical applications that have a definite customer impact. Teams of this kind rely on standard severity scales used across the industry like SEV1 - SEV5 for prioritization. This allows them to easily decipher between critical widespread issues, minor inconveniences or service requests, and all points in-between. However, we also have teams that focus on internal projects with relatively little to no customer impact. A SEV1 - SEV5 prioritization may be a bit excessive and a simpler scale of High-Medium-Low (or P1-P2-P3) would be preferred. Additionally, the descriptions that PagerDuty allows can cause confusion between these types of teams. They mean different things to each team as a result of the communities that they support. As a result, the ability to customize the scale at the team level, would be a nice-to-have feature.

Thanks for your assistance.


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