I want to achieve grouping with out suppressing the previous incidents

Hi Support team

Im using trail version https://testsapient2.pagerduty.com/rules/global/9b1276d6-c1af-44e7-9150-717f04470c2f/edit .

In this i need to have condition of grouping like this.
within 10 mins if i receive more than 2 alerts of similar type ,they need to be grouped into single incident with High urgency ,without suppressing the first one and should route it Group alert service.

else those incidents with low urgency and need to be routed to single alert service and grouping is not required.

How this can be achieved. I heard that you have removed suppression option while grouping. is that true ?

Please help me here.


This issue has been addressed in the support ticket you raised.
So we have everything in one place, I would be closing off this post.


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