🇨🇦 Howdy from Vancouver, Canada!

Hey folks!

Just a quick intro - I’m Ryan from Vancouver, and I’m a recovering systems administrator :doughnut:

I’m currently working at Finning International, generally poking around in Azure DevOps Pipelines (think turbo-Jenkins!), Kubernetes, Terraform or Bash.

In a previous life I used PagerDuty to manage a web-scale operation and loved it - happy to be back to a familiar tool.

My on-call tip: always have a clear line to whatever incident report template you need by sticking a link to it in your alerts. Runbooks are pretty helpful in the same spot too. You never know when you just. can’t. find. the. link. at 3AM and just want to get back to sleep!

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Hi @finningryan! Welcome to the PagerDuty Community! And, thanks for the helpful tip! It’s always great when community members share their knowledge and experiences. We’re happy to have you!

I’m a Developer Advocate here at PagerDuty, as well as a fellow Cascadian living near Seattle, WA. Let me know if you ever have any feedback or questions about the PagerDuty APIs.


Will do - thanks for the warm welcome! :heart: