howdy from atlanta!

Hey y’all,

I’m Dan, a new engineer on the Sustainability team out of our new Atlanta office! I’m really excited to be joining PD - it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks.

I started my career at my previous company doing internal tools for our QA team, before switching to a DevOps/infra role making internal tools for the entire dev team - I had a blast playing in the Kubernetes ecosystem in those roles, and now I’m on to my next challenge here at PD!

Outside of work, I enjoy playing a smattering of rhythm instruments from time to time. I also enjoy partaking in ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, and rhythm games - my newest addiction is Beat Saber. My new life goal is to become a VR Jedi!

Hello @dgempesaw! Welcome to the Community, and to PagerDuty! So fun to watch the Atlanta office grow. Is there a lot of snowboarding around the ATL area, or do you have to travel to find snow?

Surprisingly there is a small hill within 3 or so hours of here with skiing and snowboarding … but for larger mountains I’ve definitely been travelling :smiley:

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