How we can notify multiple user at same time.

Hello Team,

We have setup Pagerduty but we have some queries which are rise in our mind again and again.

  1. When we add multiple layer in Schedule its seems the last layer take the precedence of earlier layer. Is it true?

  2. If we did not add a user in Schedule and add him/her in only escalation policy that user will get the notification or not? As per my current knowledge that user will get notification and its the only way to notify multiple user for a problem?

Please help me to find out the answer of above question and it will grow my confidence.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @tekchand,

That’s right - each new schedule layer will override previous layers - they’re designed to only return one person.

In an Escalation Policy layer, you can have multiple Schedules listed - I used to do this with my NOC team where we have two people on shift and I wanted them to both be knowledgable about the alerts that were coming in. To do this I have two Schedules - NOC Left, and NOC Right. These were wholly populated by Overrides (due to the shifting nature of my team).

In an Escalation Policy it’s possible to add individuals or Schedules. I’d only add an individual user to an Escalation Policy in a “last resort” layer, and even then I’d suggest having a “Product X Owner” Schedule which you use for this so that person can actually go on vacation once in a while and you’ll still be covered.

You could also implement Response Plays depending on your specific use case, but these don’t usually trigger on Incident creation (although it is possible to configure this).

Hope that helps,


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