how to un provision a group from pagerDuty


(Sonita) #1

I have provisioned a group to Pager Duty by mistake; how do I un provision that group?

(Thomas Roach) #2

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by “provisioned a group”, and run us through specifically what actions you took?

(Sonita) #3

When you open a group record in servicenow , there is an option to provision that to pagerduty. Please see the screenshot below

(Jay Chiarella) #4

Hi Sonita,

You can unprovision a group in ServiceNow by blanking the fields’ labels that start with “PagerDuty”. Note you’ll need to first ensure that you can view the PagerDuty fields in ServiceNow, and that you can manually edit the PagerDuty fields.

We have detailed steps within our guide - which is available in our Frequently Asked Questions guide for ServiceNow.

(system) #5

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