How to setup alternate week oncall with different timings under same schedule ?


need assistance in knowing how we can do On-call scheduling for our team .

Current setup –

India team – 11:30 pm EST to 07:30 am
US Team – 07:30 am EST to 11:30 pm

In India we have a new resource who need to be On-call every alternate week on different timings which will effect US team too –

India Team – 09:30 pm EST to 05:30 am
US Team – 05:30 am EST to 09:30 pm

Could you help us know how we can set this up in Pager Duty for every alternate week ?


Hello Pankaj,

If I understand this clearly, seeing there is an overlap with the other schedule, this would mean there will be 2 responders on call when the other resource is scheduled on call, is that right? A workaround I can think of in that case is to have the user in a rotation with a Dummy user. In this way, when the resource is not on call, the Dummy will be. This will create alternate scheduling. I hope that helps.

Do let me know if you need further clarification.


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