How to set Low Urgency for Email Integration for a service?


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Hi Team - How to set Low Urgency for Email Integration for a service? I am able to set up rules for trigger and resolve. Trigger always trigger HIGH urgency incident. I am not able to figure out a way to set certain alerts to be HIGH and LOW Urgency. Event Rule doesn’t support email so can’t set Severity there.

(Jonathan Curry) #2

At this time the only way to trigger high- and low-urgency incidents via email is to create two services, and configure one to trigger high-urgency incidents and the other to trigger low-urgency incidents.

You’ll want to create email integrations on both services and set the integration address to the exact same thing (i.e. set both to, and create email filters or management rules on both so that messages matching your high-urgency conditions only trigger incidents on your high-urgency service and vice versa.

(Amit Pandey) #3

Thank you! I will try that.

(Tom) #4

Is this still the only way to do this?

(Thomas Roach) #5

No, we recently released Global Event Routing, which allows you to set the severity (and thus the urgency) of an incoming email. I recommend taking a read of the guide I linked to see how it’s done, and get back to us either here or email us at if you need any assistance!

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