how to resolve alerts from non existent service

i managed to delete services and integration’s that i didnt know had a lot of alerts triggered against them, what is the quickest way to resolve all these incidents so that i can delete the schedule, and escalation policy and finally users ?
thanks a lot

This schedule is not in use. To use this schedule, associate it with an escalation policy.
and then i see
Schedule can’t be deleted if it’s being used by an escalation policy snapshot with open incidents

You can bulk resolve Incidents through the UI, by navigating to the Teams Incident page. Change the per page setting to 100 and go to triggered Incidents. From there you should be able to select all (up to 100) and resolve. If you are talking thousands of triggered incidents, then the API is probably the way to go.

its hundreds of thousands, i cant find a decent way to query the api for incidents assigned to a service that no longer exists though

We have a publicly accessible script for use in this situation that you can use. You can find it on our public support GitHub. Please read through the readme before running to understand the limitations.

thanks a lot, i have now resolved all the incidents and deleted the users, schedules etc but trying to delete the team i get this :
ERROR: Team “Endpoints” cannot be deleted. Team could not be deleted because there are too many incidents, please contact support.

Geeth from the Support team here!

This is something we’ll need to assist you with offline as we’ll need your personal account details.
I sent you an email if you can kindly follow up with me there.

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