How to integrate JIRA Service Desk with webhooks


(Liberty McBride) #1

The JIRA integration is not specifically designed to work with Service Desk. If you want to integrate ServiceDesk, you would normally need to set up an email integration (the easiest method of integrating).

If you must use the webhook integration there is a workaround that might help you so that you don’t have to use the email integration.

Our integration requires webhook payloads to include the following fields:

  • issuetype
  • status
  • priority
  • assignee
  • description

Service Desk will usually populate the issuetype, assignee and description in a usable way for our integration, but will often use a status that is not usable and won’t necessarily include a priority at all.

In these cases, any priority should work, but a status other than New or Done will not do anything. This means that you will need to adjust the workflow so that incidents are created with a ‘New’ status and reach a ‘Done’ status when they are complete.

If you are unable to adjust the workflow to accommodate these requirements, you will need to use the email integration.

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