how to get from address through webhook in email integration?


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I have a very simple use case. There is an email integration which I want to extend using a webhook. The most crucial piece of information is the from email id of the sender because I want to keep sending status messages to that sender.

But the webhook payload does not have it. I can see it in the incident page on the pagerduty website.

Is there any way I can get access to it?


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Hi Devang,

Thanks for getting in touch. I suggest that you checked out this link here , the best way to achieve this would be to add a call to the REST API ensuring that you are including channels in this call and that should allow you to retrieve the emailers information.

Check it out with me and let us know.

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Hi John,

I tried your solution and it works. Thank you.

It helped me familiarize with the API, especially the incidents/ and log_entries/ namespaces.

The key thing to look for is the log entry called ‘trigger_log_entry’ and then inside it, the structure ‘channel’.

It took a while to find a reliable way to reproduce the webhook v2 payload to put inside a postman test. The fact that I was triggering using outlook html emails was making a mess of the json which was fixed as soon as I started sending triggers using plain text emails.

Eventually, with the help of, I was able to get that payload. I am also learning AWS lamdba at the same time so I don’t have ready access to the log file.

And as it turns out, it is a lot simpler than using the log_entries/ space in the API. The v2 webhooks payload has the right ‘trigger_log_entry’ with the ‘channel’ inside it.

So, I would request some way to get the webhooks json payload associated with an action, for example, trigger or ack or resolution, directly from the website.

It will be tricky but it will be worth it…I did look at the examples in the documentation originally but I missed this part about channels, etc. Getting the payload from a live test is much more useful.


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Hi Devang,

Thanks for the feedback! We will go ahead and pass this along to our Product team. If you have any additional feedback, feel free to post on our Community forms, or you can reach out to


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