How to generate different types of issues in JIRA based on PD incidence properties


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I have a JIRA cloud integration in place with PD. I have configured extension for creating a Bug from PD into JIRA when an incidence occurs in PD.
However based on the incidence’s properties in PD , I wish to generate different type of issues in JIRA .
My questions

  1. Is it possible that PD can allow me to configure the incidence types - e.g System Support , Bug, Security, performance etc ? and HOW?
  2. If PD allows me to create custom incidence with a identifiable property containing type , how can I configure the JIRA extensions to create that type of issue accordingly

Any help will be appreciated

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Hi Smita,

  1. Are you inquiring about syncing custom fields between a PagerDuty Attribute and a Jira Issue field? If so, then this is possible as seen on step 5 of the integration guide.
  2. I’m not sure I understand this inquiry - but you should be able to sync a PagerDuty attribute between a Jira Issue field as noted above.

Could you take a look at your [Jira Cloud]( integration guide and let us know if it answers your questions about syncing the fields? If it doesn’t, could you please elaborate on what specifically you’d like to sync between PagerDuty and Jira?


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