How to create PD incident using API and trigger multiple escalation policies at the time of creating incident.


We have a requirement from our incident management to create an incident management workflow.
We want to have capability using PD create incident API to create and also add multiple escalation policies to it.
I know this is possible from UI because we can add additional responder when we try to create incident manually looking for API payload to achieve this.

Any pointer on how to achieve this functionality will be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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Presently there isn’t an option to create an incident also add multiple escalation policies to it via the Rest API. However, this can achieved by creating a Response Play in the UI. Once the Response Play has been created, it would be possible to Run the play from the API. I hope this helps.



I’m from RigD, a PagerDuty Partner. If you use Slack and wanted to open the incident from Slack and add multiple escalation policies we can do this. Of course we are interacting with PagerDuty via the REST API so it is possible, but takes multiple calls. Happy to explain more or show you what we can do in Slack if you want.


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Hi Vishal,

I also just wanted to add that v2 of our Slack Extension will have the ability to run Response Plays from an option you’ll be able to take from the notification in Slack.

Check out this blog post for more information about that!

Hi @Malcolm thank you for your response .We are not looking at Slack integration.
We are looking for service we can subscribe to get push notifications for schedule changes.

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