How to build and use the latest version of remedy-integration on Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)


(Demitri Morgan) #1

The remedy-integration program, developed in Go, is available here:

To build it on Linux:

  1. Clone the remedy-integration repository into the src directory of within your GOPATH. If you haven’t set up Go yet:

    1. Install Go, the Go cross-compiler, and Git: sudo apt-get install golang gox git
    2. Create a directory for building Go packages from source:
      mkdir -p ~/.golang/{src,pkg,bin}
    3. Declare the GOPATH environment variable by adding the following line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile shell configuration file:
      export GOPATH=$HOME/.golang
  2. Change directory into the remedy-integration repository and run make

  3. Look for the directory corresponding to your operating system and architecture in the bin subdirectory

  4. Copy the pd-remedy executable into a system binaries folder (i.e. if your OS is linux and CPU architecture is amd64:

    sudo cp bin/linux_amd64/pd-remedy /usr/local/bin
  5. In each of the setup steps in the Remedy integration guide, substitute for the Windows-specific path C:\PagerDuty\pd-remedy.exe the the path to which you copied the pd-remedy binary: /usr/local/bin/pd-remedy

(system) #2