How to add extension to an existing service using API


(Anshul Shrivastava) #1

I am trying to add an extension to my existing services using API, but not able to find any documentation to do this.
The extension is a generic webhook extension with the endpoint.
Is there any way to achieve this without using UI.


(Alex Maier) #2

Hey there Anshul! We currently do not allow for extension creation via the API.

Could you please describe your use case, so I can forward it to the team?

(Anshul Shrivastava) #3

Hi Alex, Thank you for your reply!

I have AWS API Gateway endpoint which is calling lambda function to process some information when an incident triggers on any service. And we have ~100 services where we need to add this generic webhook (endpoint).

So It would be nice to add extensions through API, instead of going to each service and manually adding endpoint using UI.

And, we are using Terraform tool to build pagerduty services, and since there is no API support for the extension, terraform also don’t have an option for adding the extension.

(Quiz) #4

Yes! We have a very similar setup/use case for needing to update extensions. The web UI is generally cumbersome to make consistent changes en mass. By leveraging Terraform to control our PagerDuty configurations, we would hope to be able to manage extensions as well.

Is an API for extension management something the PagerDuty team is planning to roll out sometime in the near future?

(Jeff Byrnes) #5

I, too, would love if there was API support for adding extensions, as I also am using Terraform to control my Pagerduty setup.

(John Baldo) #6


Thanks for the feedback. We hear your frustration and we’re actively working on this right now. I’ll be sure to update this thread when it is available for you to use.

Thanks again,

(John Baldo) #7

Hi All!

Writing to let you know that we’ve released the ability to manipulate extensions over the PagerDuty API!

Check out the API docs here:!/Extensions/

Let me know if you have problems or questions! We’re planning to add some guides and make a formal announcement over the next few weeks.


(Jeff Byrnes) #8

Woohoo! Now to work with the Terraform folks to expand the Pagerduty provider to have an extension resource.

(system) #9