How do I move entire second shift forward two weeks?


(Barclay Dunn) #1

We came to the realization that on-call handoff would be a lot easier if each person did their secondary on-call shift the week before being primary on call. At the moment, though, we have it backward - each person is doing secondary the week after doing primary. So what we want is to keep the schedule for primary on-call as is, and move the secondary on-call schedule forward two weeks. BUT I also would like to make sure that this benefits the two most junior developers, if possible. I don’t want to do an override. I want to shift up the entire schedule for the secondary on-call. Suggestions?

(Tyler Wells) #2

Hey Barclay! There are two different options for best approaching this. You could just rename your two schedules so that the primary is now the secondary and the secondary is now the primary. You’ll want to then update your escalation policy to also reflect these changes.

Another option, would be to go in and update the rotation order on your secondary schedule so that the rotation is pushed out two weeks. Once you’re editing the schedule, you can drag and drop the different users to move them to the top or the bottom of the rotation. If you check out the final schedule layer, this will reflect how the schedule will be rendered after saving.

If you want any additional help getting this set up, feel free to drop us a line at and I’m happy to jump into your account to see what’s going on and put together some mock ups in my own account! :slight_smile:

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