Hi! I'm Chandler, I work on the PagerDuty mobile apps. 📱

I joined Pager Duty back in November as the Product Manager for the mobile apps!

Before joining PagerDuty, I was head of platform and mobile for Asana.
I live in the Bay Area and just got a new puppy! I love our mobile apps and the team that builds them. Fun fact: the PagerDuty mobile team’s mascot is the hedgehog. :hedgehog::hedgehog:

So glad to join the community!

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New community rule: you must share photos of all puppies and other adorable animals.

Welcome Chandler!

Good rule!

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I expect this will become the new startup screen for our mobile apps now :wink:

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Awe!!! Such a cute pup!!!

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