Not going to lie, I mainly want the stickers :heart_eyes:

I really enjoyed the PD Community onboarding flow; it was fun, interactive, and actually taught me what I can do here.

When I was first on-call, I made the mistake of setting both my work phone and my personal phone to notify through text and phone call all at the same time :woman_facepalming: , so when my first on-call issue came up, I was reacting to a cacophony of text messages, Slack messages, and multiple phones ringing. :hear_no_evil:

โ€ฆwhich is just a tad stress-inducing. :sweat_smile: I have since learned to offset different notifications and turn off some redundant notifications.


:laughing: Hi, @susannaAtVirta! Thanks for sharing your story. Itโ€™s ones like those that we can all relate to, because weโ€™ve all done it.

Welcome to the Community forums!

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Welcome Susanna!

Thanks for the feedback, so glad you liked it! :awesome:

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