Hey there, guys!

Namaste from India!

I’m atieve from New Delhi, India and I’ve been working on small projects using PagerDuty APIs for a few months now. It’s been pretty helpful with their docs.
In my free time I like to produce music, its a great stress buster really.

Hope to see an active forum here

Hi Atieve -

Thanks so much for joining the PagerDuty Community - we are happy you’re here!

And it’s great to hear you’re from New Delhi -I spent a couple of months there a few years back working with an open source organization and loved your city. I was staying with some friends in the city and worked out of their offices in Old Delhi. The jalebi wala in Chandni Chowk was the best!

What kinds of projects are you doing with the PagerDuty APIs? We’d love to hear about them!


Hey Amanda

I’ve been toying with an Alexa skill that could work with the incident trigger functionality of the APIs.
I’m a student so I try to work on it during my free time, but I’m hoping to see it come to fruition soon!

That sounds cool, @atieveiiitd! Welcome to the Community! I’m a Developer Advocate here at PagerDuty, so talking about cool API projects is my jam!

Tell me more about this Alexa skill you’re working on. Is the idea that I would say something like, “Hey Alexa, the pizza is here. Page the team!” ?

Also, which Alexa Skill SDK did you decide to go with, and how is the corresponding PagerDuty SDK?

Thanks for sharing!

(sorry for the double-post. previous one was from a testing account. :laughing:)