Hey all, a JS fan here

Hi everyone,

I’m an Angular developer and a web security researcher. I talk JavaScript. I contribute to developer community via Github and Stack Overflow. I’m available in most of the communities and social media with the alias sagarvd01 or sagar.tanur.

Interested to talk about JS, ping me.

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Welcome, Sagar! I also enjoy JS, have built a few projects using Angular, and have even given a talk on Angular. Although, right now I’ve been playing with React a bit.

Glad to have someone with your knowledge and experience in the PagerDuty community! Please be sure to check out the Developer community forum. It’s where we discuss all things PagerDuty API. I’m sure we would all benefit from your insights.


Also, one quick question, since you’re a developer and security researcher. I would be curious about your feedback on a recent API feature we released. We now support PKCE (Proof Key for Credential Exchange) OAuth. Would this be something you would use?