Henlo from Ashlynn

Hey y’all, I’m Ashlynn. At PagerDuty, I’m on the security team where I break the things and (much more rarely) unbreak the things. I hail from The O’er Yonder, where I was quite a fan of Things and Stuff. I’m experienced with various technologies including, but not limited to, TCP, SSH, RFID, TL;DR, ROFL, HTML, and of course QWERTY. In relation to programming languages, I know C, D, E, and various other letters of the alphabet.

I’m quite the fan of felines, and as such have approximately 701.6 double sided floppy disks full of cat pictures (yes, I mathed this out). Send me cat pictures, this is how I sustain myself throughout the day.

In a non-work context, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing video games such as battletoads, and tending to my garden of raspberry pis to ensure they grow up to become strong and healthy servers one day. I also maintain quite the collection of stickers, and have entirely too many for my own good. Instead of collecting stamps or cardboard cutouts of various celebrities, I own multiple keyboards of various levels of unusability, and I have quite a penchant for rousing and heavily opinionated conversations about the ethics of different keyswitches.


Hiya Ashlynn! Thanks for joining the forums!! :wave: