Hello, PagerDuty community!

Hello everyone, I’m Julian Dunn and I currently work here at PagerDuty as a senior product marketing manager. Building strong communities is a passion of mine and I worked on this quite a bit over at Chef which is where I was before PD, collaborating with @mattstratton, @gmiranda23 and a whole host of other #cheffriends.

Before I became a product person, I was a “responder” like many of you. Despite having been woken up a lot by PagerDuty back in 2012-2013 in my previous life as an ops engineer, I still ended up here, so no hard feelings, obviously. :grinning: I am looking forward to hearing your stories and meeting you at a community event like PagerDuty Summit or a DevOps Days!

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Hi @jdunn - thanks for joining the forums! :wave: