Hello, I'm JP

Hello everyone, name is Juan and I’m with the information security team for a medical company in South Florida. During my time as operations engineer I implemented PagerDuty so here I am using as a heavy user for our on-call rotations and incident response

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Welcome @jpcorzo!

It’s cool that you’re able to use a hosted service like PagerDuty in this field, since I know many medical companies require on-prem solutions for various compliance reasons. Could you share how you use PD in a compliant manner?

Hi JP, my name is Kevin, and I work on the Security team here at PagerDuty. It’s good to hear from others out there who are keeping people’s data safe. As you might guess, we also use PagerDuty heavily for our on-call rotations and security incident response. If you haven’t checked it out, you might be interested in reading through our open-source SIR process.

If you have any product improvements that would make it easier for your information security team to use PagerDuty, let me know. I’m happy to be an advocate.