Hello, I'm Alex, one of the co-founders of PagerDuty!

Hello PagerDuty Community,

I’m Alex Solomon, Co-Founder and CTO of PagerDuty. I’ve been at PD since the beginning (of course), which is now just a bit over 10 years. I started as the founding CEO, ran PD for the first 7 years or so, and replaced myself with the wonderful Jennifer Tejada. Now I’m the CTO; in my case, that means I spend lots of time talking to customers and prospective customers to find out their pain-points and get feedback on the product (which we feed into our product strategy and direction). I also run the Community and Advocacy team at PD, which includes our online community (hint, hint, you’re on it now), in-person community events, and our advocates who help PagerDuty establish ourselves as experts in our field of real-time operations.

If you have any product feedback or feature requests for us, I’d love to chat with you!