Hello from Seattle!

Hi there!

My name is dAVE Inden. I have used PagerDuty as a technical support person. I’ve recently moved into a Developer Advocate role at my company, Smartsheet. I also build open source games on github.com/dancing-vikings. I’m interested in seeing what the PagerDuty API can do.
Have you built anything with the PagerDuty API? What other systems have you connected PagerDuty to?
I’d be interested to know!



Welcome @daveskull81!

Congratulations on starting your first chatbot game this year! :clap: Also, TIL about NES.css thanks to your site and now there’s a 1000% chance it will become a theme option for PagerDuty Community.

Actually, it would be awesome if PagerBeauty - an open source PagerDuty dashboard by @sergiitk - had an NES-like theme, too :awesome:


Thanks @jcurreee! I’m pretty excited for the chatbot game. I haven’t worked on it enough lately and need to get on it. I’m so glad you like NES.css. It is super cool! And you should totally make it a theme option for the community here. That would be awesome!
That PagerBeauty project looks awesome. Thanks for pointing that out and thank for building it @sergiitk!