Hello from Santa Barbara, CA

Hello Pagerduty community!

I am Shaun working as an SRE here at Arthrex. I am working on automating our monitoring solution using pagerduty, logicmonitor, datadog with pagerduties global event rules. More sites come online each week so automation is key to onboard new sites into the monitoring system and have the alerts routed to the right pagerduty service. My background startedin System Administration but then moved into cloud engineering and SRE since I enjoyed programming more and automating infrastructure.

Hi Shaun,

Welcome! We are happy to have you here with the Community.

All the automating your setting up sounds great - and it’s nice that you can integrate so many tools to make it just like you need. How is the automation coming along?


So far we have been able to automate the creation of the Pagerduty services along with the global event rules which in turn funnel the alerts from DataDog and LogicMonitor to the right service. Tools are Terraform + Python in some spots and has been fun to work on.