Hello from San Jose

Hello there,

I’m an SRE at eBay. We’ve just recently switched all of our on call to Pagerduty, hello everybody!

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I assume preferred on-call shifts go to the highest bidders?


Welcome Maxwell!

thanks! And no, not to the highest bidder. If you are curious we actually do on call a bit different at eBay. We have on call shifts that last between 2-8 hours where we sit in our NOC. Pagerduty is helping us organize how involved our on call shifts can be.

Interesting… so people are more likely looking at an incident dashboard and/or getting incident notifications via email rather than answering phone calls from PD?

yeah people generally will look at dashboards in real time and respond to incidents as they appear. We don’t really have the concept of getting “paged” like in other organizations.