Hello from London, UK!


I’m Luke, an SRE working for AVADO Learning.

We’re currently testing out PagerDuty to formalise our incident management process and automate some of the more laborious elements of our response, like logging tickets for lower severity issues.

My background’s mostly in software development, but having spent many hours debugging issues in production that were difficult or impossible to reproduce in production the allure of observability proved too great.

Hi Luke - nice to have you here. Glad to hear you’re resting out PagerDuty - how’s it working out so far for you? Automating the laborious elements of response would save a lot of headaches!

Feel free to ask any questions here as you continue evaluating the tools!

We signed the paperwork today! We’ve got a an issue with the Jira Cloud integration to work out with support and some training to do internally, but we’ve been impressed by just how intuitive PD has been, especially once the initial configuration is complete.

<3 your Datadog integration!

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