Hello from everywhere

Heyo Pagey Fans,

I’m George Miranda, and I’m a Community Advocate at PagerDuty. I’ve been at PagerDuty since 2018, previously at Buoyant (makers of Linkerd), and Chef Software before that. I’m a career infrastructure engineer, former EMT & First Responder, I love complex problems, and I live for automation & finding better solutions. I also like hearing & telling stories.

I’m currently a full-time Digital Nomad. On the personal front, I mostly roam more or less west of the Rockies in the continental United States. But I also do more than a fair amount of domestic & international work-related travel. So chances are, you might find me in an area near your neck of the woods in the near future. Tell me where you are. I’d love to say hello in person.

Engineering aside, I’m an avid outdoorsy person. I’m into hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, running, yoga, meditation, motorcycles, and travel (obvs). I love chatting about professional and personal interests alike. Hope to get a chance to meet y’all out on the road somewhere.


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