Hello from Dallas TX!

Hey everyone! I just got back to sunny Dallas from an excellent time at PD summit.

I’m relatively new to ops-life, joining a small but mighty team that is just starting to roll out pager duty and figure out what our incident response policies are going to look like. It’s an exciting time and I’m really looking forward to making the most of what pagerduty has to offer!

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Hi @p_dubs! :wave:

Thanks for being a part of the PagerDuty community! I’m so glad to hear you had a great experience at Summit.

Be sure and check out response.pagerduty.com for our open sourced Incident Response guide - it’s available to be forked and adapted for your own crew. If you’re looking for guides on additional topics, we’ve got them all listed on our Ops Guides page. Hope this helps - but always feel free to drop a post in the forums if we can assist.


Thanks @rfriesen! The open response guides are definitely useful, we’re talking a lot of inspiration from them :slightly_smiling_face: