Hello from Colorado

Hi, I’m Andy. I’m an engineering manager at Cloudability in Boulder, CO. Our HQ is in Portland and I tend to travel there a couple times a year (next stop in May?). So if you’re near either place, let me know and we can trade stickers and/or have a coffee.

See you around!


Welcome @andy.ennamorato :slight_smile:

Our whole team will be in Portland late next month as well if you’d like to meet up! :community:

Cool. I think I’m there middle-end. I’ll try a DM and maybe we can sync up!

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Hey @andy.ennamorato! Welcome to the PagerDuty Community! :wave:

Echoing @jcurreee - I’m on the Community Team here, live in Portland - happy to meet up sometime to swap stickers. Cheers!

Welcome! A lot of my old Chef coworkers ended up at Cloudability :slight_smile:

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