Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello, World! I’m a Web Developer & DevOps Evangelist at Theorem, a remote only company with HQ in California.

I’m interested in backend development and DevOps topics like monitoring, observability, SRE, and alerting.

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Welcome Leandro! We’re glad to have you here :slight_smile:

I’m curious… what are some of the tools and processes you use to stay connected and work effectively with one another in an all-remote environment?

Hi, Jonathan! Thanks for the welcome.

Slack is our main communication tool, followed by email when we need some sort of “paper trail” when communicating with clients. Our company size is close to 100 total employees and contractors, but each team is smaller (I think the biggest one is 27 person), so in case we need a video conference we resort to Google Meet for most of our needs. In the likely event that we have a video conference with the whole company our go to option is a paid Uberconference.

Regarding processes we don’t have any strict process to follow to work, but rather some general guidelines, the most important one being “be responsible”, not only to the company and the client, but to your co-workers as well.

Some other tools that might be worth mentioning are Kin HR for HR related stuff (PTO, holidays, etc) and Abacus for expense reports.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks for sharing Leandro!

We use many of the same tools and rules for our teams, both in office and remote. With more people going remote, the PD Community team has even almost adopted a pseudo-policy where those who work from a PagerDuty office join team meetings from their desk instead of heading to a conference room. This helps make sure our remote folks aren’t kept waiting on people who are themselves waiting for a room to clear out from the preceding meeting, forces people to use tools that only everybody can use (i.e. no off-camera whiteboards), etc.

That’s a great idea! How do you foster water-cooler serendipity for people that are remote?

Our team just moved our daily standup to a Zoom call that everyone in an office takes from their desk and usually involves some chit chat before or after the call. As a company, we use Donut to help us meet people in other departments, which sometimes (at least for me :slight_smile:) turns into unofficial recurring 1:1s, also via Zoom.

So… nothing super special, but both help!

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