Hello Community

Hey everyone! I was just excited to find this community here!
I am Naveen from India. I am a Security Researcher, Developer, and Speaker. I am a community first-person and I’m happy to be here. Most of my work involves finding solutions to Cyber Security Problems. I am a lead for Developer Students Club by Google Developers. I started my own Cyber Security Community called Kruptos Security Club (you can find about us on Google). And I would be graduating in less than a year.
Feel free to hit me up for any help on your projects or maybe even collaboration on projects. I looking forward to hearing from the community!

Hi Naveen,

Welcome! We are happy that you’re here and part of our community. I like your community-first approach!

And the clubs that you’re involved with sound really cool - what kinds of projects are you working on?


Hi Amanda,
I am a Security researcher and I work on projects involving using Deep Learning methods for attack detection and other areas of security too.
Apart from this I work on random project with my friends, like creating optimal solutions for smart cities and so on…
Another personal hobby project I am doing is developing for Actions on Google Assistant :slight_smile:

Very cool! We are happy you’re here!