Having an Incident Owner vs everyone being Assignees

A great feature to have would be to have an Incident Owner that an incident would be set to and this should be the first person that acknowledges the incident, all others should be set as assignees regardless of if they also acknowledged in the case of overlapping schedules or if they were added as responders after by the owner.

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for the note! I’d love to understand more details surrounding your request. What does it mean in your org to be an incident “owner”? Are there certain responsibilities associated with being an owner that are different than just being “assigned” to an incident?


Hi Katie,

The way we handle incidents is that the on-call person that currently would initially be assigned to the incident becomes the owner of that incident until it is resolved, even if they need to mobilize more responders.

This would help with allowing the responders to know who is managing the incident without having to ask in slack or other places for example.

The way this works today, the on-call person would be listed as the individual the incident is “Assigned to”. Any additional individuals who are mobilized with the “Add Responders” button would be listed as “Responders” on the incident, but would not replace the name of the assigned user.

It sounds like the “Assigned to” individual would be consistent with what you call the incident owner, so this should allow all other responders to see who that person is.

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