HashTag or Lable to categorize the type of incident


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Hi Team PD,
We are using the PD services for getting alerts on various production jobs. I generally pull the reports to see how many incident we recieved for tracking purpose .

I want to know if we can add the labels or any hashtag to the incident sothat I can categorized the incident and create/filter reports based on that to do more analysis .

Please suggest this if possible internally in your team and if it looks like a value add ,Create a feature to incorporate the same.

(Jade Paoletta) #3

Hi Avinash,

At the moment, we do not offer the ability to tag or label incidents for later reporting purposes.

However, this is a feature request that we’ve heard before and I’m happy to add your vote to it as well! To clarify, would your team be looking to add these labels or tags manually to incidents, or would this be automatically generated and sent on incident creation?


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