Greetings from Minneapolis

Hey everyone!

I manage a team of tech support engineers at, where we host Drupal and WordPress websites. We use PD on the Support team for handling emergency tickets coming in from our biggest customers.

The first time I ever got paged was due to performance degradation on a high-traffic food magazine site that was under a DDoS attack. Someone really hates fancy sandwiches I guess.

Before getting into support, I was a web dev for about 10 years, doing mostly PHP/JS work.

I’m the on-call backup this week, fingers crossed for happy internets.

Hi Sarah! I used to work at the Drupal Association and we loved!

I love your first on-call story - fancy sandwiches are the WORST :wink:

We are all happy you’re here in the community, and simultaneously all crossing our fingers that you don’t get paged this week. :crossed_fingers:


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I disagree! Who could hate fancy sandwiches?! They’re the best!!

Welcome to the PagerDuty Community @sarahg! :wave: