Getting ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME when trying to log into the Android mobile app

I am trying to install the app on a new android phone. I have 5.88 from the play store.

When I enter my user name and password I get this error:

The web page at could not be loaded because net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

The app opens the browser for the authentication which is what displayed this error. I had Firefox focus, which I removed so that it used the stock android browser but that didn’t work either.

To get it to work I had to install Chrome browser. I don’t want Chrome browser on my phone…

Is this just for the initial login or is it needed ongoing (I guess I’ll find out, I’ve just uninstalled Chrome having authenticated Pager Duty) ?

If there is an ongoing need, what else works besides Chrome ?

Hi John!

I believe the issue is from the Firefox Focus related to their deep link capabilities.

I checked with Firefox and it appeared to work fine though I’m not sure what Android OS versions support the former Android web browser. Can you confirm if you can login to PagerDuty through the stock Android Browser? Can you set it as the default browser for your apps to open deep links with?

Were there any error messages that were returned from using the stock Android browser?

Hi Geeth, when I tried using the default android browser I got the error I wrote out in my initial post. Neither the default android browser nor Firefox focus worked for me.

I could not work out how to tell Pager Duty to use a specific browser - is that possible? It seems to ignore the “Default Browser” setting in Android and there appears to be no logic to which one it chooses.

I just read the link you passed about focus and I understand why it doesn’t work. So, I just installed “full firefox” and that worked. I have since removed Firefox and the Pager Duty session survives reboots. So that is something I suppose.

Once I am authenticated, is that permanent or will it need to go “via browser” for anything else?

I really only want focus on this device but I’ll keep firefox in case I need it.

Hello John,

Once you’ve been authenticated, all should be good, except in the event you need to follow a link in an Incident out of the app. I hope that helps.

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