Get custom details from incident


(Ras) #1

Is anyone aware of any way to get custom details off an incident from the v2 rest api? I know its possible with a webhook - but for a various reasons this isnt something that i can use.

Ive looked through the API ref and can see nothing on getting custom_details. anyone had any luck


(Paul) #2

Hi Rasal,

Great question! Here is a link to a guide in our Knowledge Base which outlines the API calls required to do this.

The key is to append the channels value to the array-type URL parameter ‘include[]’ when obtaining log entries.

I hope that helps!

(Edward Kim) #3

Hi PD team,

The link in the Knowledge Base is for the V1 API. Any details on how to access the Custom Details in the incident for the V2 REST API?

The API Reference doesn’t have anything about this


(Jonathan Curry) #4

Hey @Edward_Kim,

The examples in the KB article are for REST API v2. The KB URL just happened to have /v1/ in the URL because it’s v1 of the KB site backend, but you’re still getting the latest info for API v2 in that article.

The next version of the knowledge base won’t have site backend version in the URLs to avoid this confusion.

Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

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