Find Out Who is On-call Via Slack


(Sean Higgins) #42

Casey, Shawn, Tagh, Mike and Mikael – thank you for your thoughts on how you’d like to see this work. This is very helpful. Sounds like there are a few different things you’d all like to see:

  1. Ability to run a command such as “/pd ep” and then pick an Escalation Policy – you can then see who’s on call right now
  2. Ability to have On Call Handoff Notifications (OCHONs) directed into your team’s channel, so you can see when a shift change occurred
  3. Some way to attach a PagerDuty Service or Schedule to a Slack Channel, so that people in the room can easily see who’s on call. Perhaps in the Channel Topic or via a simple command to query who the on call is?

Did I miss anything else?

The good news is that we’re working on all three :slight_smile: I’ll reach out to all of you on this thread when we kick off the early access program in the coming weeks.

(Kieran Lambert) #43

HI @sean would like to be a part of this early adoption.

(Casey Fischer) #44

glad to hear this work is in progress, we can’t wait to see it! my team mentioned something that i forgot to add before–it would be handy to have a way to limit the scope to a particular team. in our case, we’re part of a larger organization but we only care about who is on call from our team. i believe @ShawnCarter was talking about a similar use case. the ability to scope by team or by policy would both accomplish this i think. do you know if this is likely to be possible in the initial launch of the feature?

(Sean Roberts) #45

Also interested in the early access program.

(Donna Desborough) #46

I don’t know if this has started yet, but I would be most interested i joining as I’m currently trying to build such an integration.

(Ross Derewianko) #47

I’d also like to jump on the early access boat