Filtering log_entries by type


As log_entries api provides all logs across the account and has more than 10000 entries,
Is there a way to filter log_entries api results by “type”:“escalate_log_entry” or should we implement some logic may be by using since and until and filter result at client side?

Many thanks in advance.

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Nagaraja JB

Hi Nagaraja,

It isn’t currently possible to filter log entries by type, but you could certainly dwindle down the amount in your response by using the since and until parameters like you said. Furthermore, logic on the custom side could always then work to get you the log entries of the particular type you’re after.

I would be happy to relay feedback to the team if you’re hoping to just List log entries of particular types as to not necessitate such filtering on the client-side

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Thank you very much Malcolm.

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