Feedback on Overrides



When scheduling an override, it would be nice to be able to add a comment, so the reason for the override is remembered e.g. “swapping Tuesday next week with James”

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Very similar to a more generic request we had (several years go!!) to have log of changes recorded. Traceability of IT activities is becoming much more important. Agree that comments on overrides would be one log that would be very valuable!

There are several people on our team that provide care and feeding of our pagerduty configuration. It would be really valuable to see a log of changes, particularly with respect to schedules, service and team membership, etc.


:slight_smile: I hope it could be added to an upcoming sprint. I have made a mockup,



It’s Justin from the PagerDuty Product team and many thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback. We will certainly take your feedback into consideration for our schedules enhancement in the future!


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