EVENTS API - Severity of "error" has urgency of "low" instead of "high"

We started using the EVENTS-API v2 to submit incidents from our Airflow instance to Pagerduty when our tasks fail. Currently we are submitting everything with a severity of “error”. Issue is that sometimes the urgency is set to “high” and sometimes it is set to “low”. We want everything to be set as “high”.

Looking at all the incidents, they do all have a severity of “error”. Can’t figure out why we are getting different urgency levels though. According to the Dynamic Notifications documentation everything with a severity of “error” should have a “high” urgency by default. And don’t believe it is possible to directly set the urgency via the events-api.

Note we do not have any Event Rules set for our Service. So I don’t believe we would be overriding this in any way.

Any ideas on why we would not have all our “error” incidents set to an urgency of “high” when they are created?

Hi Kalin! It would be really helpful to see some recent examples of the inconsistent urgency behavior. Can you please submit an email to with direct links to example incidents so that our Support team can take a look?

Will do! Thanks for the help.

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