Event Rule Description

I would love for there to be an extra field when creating a service event rule that can be used for extra information on why the event rule is in place.

There are times when I come back and look at event rule that I created months ago, and I can’t remember why I created it.

Hi Nils! I’m lead the product group for event automation here at PagerDuty. Thanks for the request.

Great point. I’ve also occasionally forgotten why I created a particular rule, and a description might help with that!

At the moment we’re looking at a few different ways to improve rule creation and editing. I don’t have a specific ETA for rule descriptions, but I can tell you it’s something other customers have asked for and something we’re considering for development at some point.

If you have any more context about the problems you’re solving with event rules, you can shoot me a note at dshack@pagerduty.com. If it’s okay with you, we can also reach out if/when we prioritize this so you can be one of the first folks to try it out.



Hi David, I’d love to be among the first to try out that feature.

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