Escalation Policy with Empty Layer


(Thomas Tinnes) #1

Hello, this has probably been answered elsewhere, but I’m unsure how to search for it.

Here’s my scenario: I have three team schedules, day-desk, East & West engineers (time-dependent schedules). I have a four rule escalation policy. In escalation rule 1, day-desk gets notified if daylight in the Americas, or East Engineers get notified if in Europe.

Rule 2: if day-desk doesn’t respond, then West Engineers get notified. There is no team schedule for East Engineers.

Rules 3 & 4: various management personnel get notified.

Here’s my question: if in the escalation from rule 1 to rule 2, rule 2 doesn’t have a team schedule at that time, will the escalating notification simply park there for the duration of the policy rule 2 and then proceed on to rule 3, or does the incident die in rule 2?

So, East Engineers has an incident in rule 1, it times out, it goes to rule 2, and there’s no one on schedule in rule 2, but does it go to rule 3 after rule 2 times out (although, in this escalation it was empty)?

(Liberty McBride) #2

In the scenario you described that means that We would notify level 1, then after the escalation timeout period, we would just skip level 2 altogether and notify level 3.

(Thomas Tinnes) #3

Thanks, so much!

(system) #4