“Escalation Policy” vs “Responder Notifications” for escalations


(Puneet Arora) #1

Under my service, I see two settings that have the notion of “escalation”
“Escalation Policy” and “Responder Notifications”. I see that I can define how/when things escalate in the “Escalation Policy”, but there is also a “do not escalate” option under “Responder Notification”, which seems contradictory if I have chosen an “Escalation Policy” which has the possibility of escalation. Could someone explain how the two settings work together when at odds?

(Liberty McBride) #2

Hi Puneet,

When you choose the option not to escalate an incident, it doesn’t follow your configured escalation policy. It will also notify you with “low-urgency” notification rules that you can configure on your profile.

This means that you could have a service that just notifies you via email if you so choose. You could also configure this service to have high urgency during specific hours, and low urgency otherwise. Or you can have different severity levels have high or low urgency - an event that includes INFO could have low urgency and not escalate, but an event from your tool that says CRITICAL could have high urgency and use that escalation policy that you configured.

I hope this helps; however, if you have any other questions please let me know.

(Puneet Arora) #3

Thanks Liberty.

If I set the “Responder Notification” to “do not escalate” does it still pick up who to notify from the first stage of the escalation policy?

(Liberty McBride) #4

Hi Puneet,

Yes it does as long as there is someone on call. It will also notify them via their low urgency notification rules.

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