Error creating new integration via API


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Hi all,

I’m trying to create a new integration for a service programmatically through the API. I’m following the online documentation, but I keep getting an error of type 2001 “Type cannot be empty.”. Anyone know what I’m missing here? The documentation said that vendors are optional. The documentation for reference: Create Integration API

My input to the POST is:

“integration”: {
“summary”: “Nagios”,
“name”: “Nagios”,
“type”: “nagios_inbound_integration_reference”

(Thomas Roach) #2

Given that this is a new integration, could you please try generic_events_api_inbound_integration instead of nagios_inbound_integration_reference and let us know whether that works for you?

(Tracie Anderson) #3

Removing it as a reference did it! Thank you! @tom, do you happen to know what type of integration I should be using for sumo logic through the API? If I do it through the web interface I can select Sumo Logic as a type, but I’m not seeing it listed as a type via the api.

(Nadine Javier) #4

Hey Tracie! You would still put generic_events_api_inbound_integration as the integration type since its Events API based, but referencing the vendor will make sure that the integration created is referencing Sumo Logic as the type instead of it being a generic Events API integration.

    "integration": {
        "type": "generic_events_api_inbound_integration",
        "summary": "Sumo Logic",
        "name": "Sumo Logic",
        "vendor": {"type":"vendor_reference", "id":"PVW3TPM"}

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